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Keio University

Kanto, Japan



The pen is mightier than the sword

About Us

Keio University is a prestigious private university in Japan established by Yukichi Fukuzawa, the face  of the largest banknote denomination of Japan. The university is Japan’s first modern institution of higher learning. It has been selected as a 'Top Type A' leading Japanese university for the Top Global University Project of the Government of Japan owing to its considerable global contributions and transdisciplinary and internationally oriented research education. Keio University is one of the very few universities to be a member of the World Economic Forum’s Global University Leaders Forum. The English-degree programs at Keio University allows students to deepen their knowledge in a myriad of realms, while simultaneously gain experience at their international partner institutions.

Academic Disciplines
Science & Technology
Information Technology
Natural & Life Science
Political Science
Media Studies
Business & Commerce
Medicine & Health Management
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