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Kyoto University of Advanced Science

Kyoto, Japan



Creating new paradigms in our global society; Be a Street-Smart Global Engineer

About Us

Kyoto University of Advanced Science (often abbreviated as KUAS) is a renowned private university located in the cultural capital of Japan, Kyoto. The university was founded by one of the most prominent CEOs in Japan, Mr. Nagamori Shigenobu. KUAS proudly hosts Japan’s first Capstone project, allowing students to collaborate with multinational companies to create effective solutions for real-world challenges.

KUAS consistently commits to providing multidisciplinary engineering courses and team-based projects to enhance students' interpersonal skillset and expand their knowledge in the field of engineering. The university offers world-class facilities, including well-equipped laboratories and workshops for students to gain hands-on experience through experimenting and learning about cutting-edge technologies.

Academic Disciplines
Science & Technology
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