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Osaka University

Osaka, Japan

Public / National


Live Locally, Grow Globally

About Us

Osaka University, a prestigious 'Top Type University' designated by the government, distinguishes itself through its cutting-edge research and diverse academic offerings. Renowned for its excellence in science and technology, the university boasts top-tier programs in fields such as nanotechnology, robotics, and biomedical engineering. Notably, the Graduate School of Engineering collaborates with industry leaders, fostering innovation. Osaka University emphasizes global engagement, evidenced by its International College, providing courses in English and fostering an international academic environment. The university's commitment to societal impact is evident in initiatives like the Immunology Frontier Research Center, showcasing its dedication to advancing knowledge and addressing real-world challenges.

Academic Disciplines
Japanese Studies
Natural & Life Science
Political Science
Science & Technology
Humanities / Liberal Arts
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