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Shizuoka University

Shizuoka, Japan

Public / National


Freedom and Enlightenment, Creation of the Future

About Us

Shizuoka University stands out for its distinctive academic offerings and commitment to innovation. Renowned for its cutting-edge research, the university excels in fields like Nanoscience and Nanoengineering, exemplified by its Nanoscience and Nanotechnology Program. The globally recognized School of Agriculture boasts programs like Sustainable Agriculture and Food Systems, aligning with contemporary environmental concerns. Shizuoka's dedication to practical skill development is evident in collaborations with industry leaders, such as its partnership with Toyota to explore automotive technology. Against the backdrop of Mount Fuji, Shizuoka University seamlessly marries tradition with forward-thinking approaches, fostering a unique educational experience.

Academic Disciplines
Information Technology
Science & Technology
Natural & Life Science
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