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University of Tsukuba

Tsukuba, Japan

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Imagine the future

About Us

The University of Tsukuba, renowned for its academic excellence, offers a diverse range of cutting-edge programs, emphasizing innovation and interdisciplinary studies. Notably, its strengths lie in science and technology, evident in its MEXT (Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology) ranking among Japan's top institutions. The university stands out for pioneering initiatives like the Tsukuba Space Center, a hub for space research, and the Graduate School of Comprehensive Human Sciences, fostering holistic approaches to healthcare. With a commitment to global perspectives, it attracts international talent and fosters a vibrant academic community, contributing significantly to the advancement of knowledge and research.

Academic Disciplines
Business & Commerce
International Relations
Science & Technology
Natural & Life Science
Political Science
Medicine & Health Management
Humanities / Liberal Arts
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